1234 Main St, Overland Park, KS is Being Marketed!
We have started the marketing of your home in order to generate buyer leads both online and offline!
Below are some of the ways and areas in which it is being marketed in addition to it being on all the major real estate websites, our company and broker website and my own website:

YouTube / Google / Yahoo / Bing:

We have uploaded one copy of your listing video to YouTube (the #1 video site on the Internet, the #3 website in the United States).

This video is optimized to help them get found on YouTube and Google, the #1 website as well as Yahoo (#4) and Bing (#6)!

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZSfrnw4ypQ
If you have a website or blog and would like to put your video on it, here is the embed code!

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/nZSfrnw4ypQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Please consult your website support for more information on how to do this if needed.

Virtual Tours, Single Property Websites and eFlyers for PC / Mac and Mobile:

We use many tools that you may be familiar with to market your home online, BUT the tools we market your home with are all designed to generate buyer leads and display superbly on PC / Mac and all mobile devices so that we are able to connect with more people locally, nationally and from around the world about your home.

You will notice that all our tools display your home beautifully with multiple reasons for home buyers to contact me.

These tools do not just allow us to better market your home on the leading real estate websites, but the most visited websites throughout the internet, and to generate buyer leads for your home from them!

1. Landing Page for Facebook Ads: https://www.searchallproperties.com/information/1736734

2. Single Property Website: https://www.searchallproperties.com/listings/1736734/1234-main-st-overland-park-ks

3. Virtual Tour: https://www.searchallproperties.com/virtualtour/1736734/1234-main-st-overland-park-ks

4. Just Listed eFlyer: https://www.searchallproperties.com/eflyer/1736734/1234-main-st-overland-park-ks

Facebook / Email:

Social Media (Facebook is the #2 website in the United States!) and Email (still an excellent marketing tool) are excellent ways to spread the word about your home being for sale.

During the course of your listing, you will receive some of the same tools we use to let buyers know about your home so that you can email them to people you know and post to your Facebook profile.

While many people will see it via our comprehensive marketing and buyer lead generation efforts, your friends and people you know also know other people that may be looking to buy a home!

You will receive the following tools that we use, to let people you know that your home is for sale!

- Just Listed eFlyer & Social Media Post - Day 1

- Single Property Website eFlyer & Social Media Post - Day 14

- Virtual Tour eFlyer & Social Media Post - Day 28

- Pending eFlyer & Social Media Post - As Appropriate

- Just Sold eFlyer & Social Media Post - As Appropriate

These tools will point people to our eFlyers, Single Property Websites, Virtual Tours and more so that more people and buyers can get more information and schedule showings for your home!

Blogs (Google):

I will also be posting about your home to my listing blog which also helps it get found by buyers on Google and generate more buyer leads.

You can see the first post here.



We will also be posting ads for your property to Craigslist, the ninth most visited website in the United States, with ads that contain calls-to-actions and that are specifically designed to increase the number of potential buyers to contact me about your home!

We will be actively marketing your home to generate leads and buyers for it both offline and online until it is sold.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything during this time and we look forward to getting your home sold fast!
  KC Metro Team
Platinum Realty 913-732-1247