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 Welcome to the DanforthWoodbine.com

Real Estate Report (Unfiltered Edition).


Each day I show and sell properties in our area I hear all the good, bad and ugly of what's going on, what deals happened and what deals died. 

My unfiltered approach is exactly the same as I am. 

I have made my clients extremely successful by being direct with them, advising them on what renos to or not do and mostly, keeping them free of worries. In the last few months alone, seeing sellers who bought and couldn't sell, those on open house #27 with nothing but dead balloons to show and a few cases where the sellers involved were left vulnerable to massive losses due to the wrong focus. I'm not into rented couches or plastic flowers. There is no FREE STAGING. Its only included if you sell with them. My value is in helping you make a solid, clean sold and even breaking a few records. I don't make you sign agreements to pay me back.