Well, we can tell you first hand that Keller Williams Realty is the absolute best real estate brokerage to work for, that's what!  If you're looking for a real estate brokerage with an amazing, positive and helping culture, then Keller Williams Realty is the place for you.  When you join KW, this is what you can expect:

  Your listings, Your leads -  Leads that come in from the advertising of your listings will always be delivered straight to you.  Never again will you find out that a co-worker received a buyer lead who called or registered on a website inquiring about one of your listings.  Nor will you ever be charged a referral fee for a lead that was generated by your broker's website.  You work hard to pull in listings, and those listings generate numerous buyer-leads.  Keller Williams Realty never hands your leads out to other agents.

  Free Top-of-the-line Training - Keller Williams Realty is one of the few brokers that believes in the sharing of knowledge, tips, and tricks for all agents.  All of our top agents are ready, willing and able to help you with any sort of issues or questions you may have.  Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners holds at least 1 training session per week!  Each training topic is selected by our agents based on what they feel will have the greatest immediate impact on their business.

  Top Regional & National Training and Masterminds - Would you like to have dinner with one of the top 5 agents in the World?  KW gives you these opportunities on a regular basis.  Attend regional and national training and mastermind sessions with the top agents in the business.  Want to learn how that agent sold over 1000 homes last year?  Ask him, he'll tell you!!!

  Cutting Edge Technology - Keller Williams currently offers an all-in-one database management, CRM, marketing campaign and e-signature platform for pennies on the dollar as compared to other similar platforms like Top-Producer.  Our agents are paying only $15 per month for a system that would cost anyone else over $150 per month.

  Low office fees and E&O - Our E&O insurance cost is the lowest in town!  Enjoy the stability of a low monthly payment as opposed to losing half of your first commission check to E&O insurance and other brokerage fees & charges.  Our office fees are much smaller than the average broker and we will never "skim" money off the top of your commission checks to cover future office fees.

  Low Royalties - Unlike traditional broker-centric franchises, Keller Williams Realty caps the amount of royalty money paid to the company.  Many local brokers will charge a 5 or 6% royalty on every deal you close no matter how much the company has already profited off of you.  Keller Williams collects 6% only until you have capped your royalty.  After capping, our agents pay nothing toward KW franchise fees!

  Awesome Commission Split - Looking for the best commission split in town?  Keller Williams Realty offers a starting commission split at 70%.  That's right, as a new agent you collect 70% of the commission from day one!  And the cool thing about Keller Williams Realty is that, while most brokers would continue to collect the other 30% all year long, KW stops collecting that 30% after the agent reaches his or her cap.  At that point, the agent collects 100% of the commission take for the rest of the year!!!  There is no other broker in East Georgia who is offering a better commission split (trust me, I have interviewed them).  Don't believe me?  Call for a confidential meeting and I'll prove it in writing.  I can be reached on my direct line 770-833-5965

  Recently during an interview, a local agent had complained to us that she was on a 65% split with one of our local competitors, yet after paying all of her office fees and the referral fees charged by her broker for "in house leads," she walked with less than 45% of the commissions!  We later discovered that she would be able to 
earn over $20,000 more at our office by doing nothing more than simply changing companies.  That's a raise of $20,000 merely for choosing a better company to work for... in other words, it's a "no-brainer."

  Profit Share - Oh, I almost forgot to mention the "bonus" our agents get by spreading the good word.  A KW agent who spreads the word and, therefore, helps to recruit other agents to work for Keller Williams Realty will receive a portion of the profits of the office the recruit chooses to work for.  There are many KW agents who earn more in profit share than they pay in the cap!  This is just icing on the cake!

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What's all the fuss about Keller Williams Realty!?

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